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Concrete Welded Wire Mesh

 Small construction Welded Wire Mesh Features:

With: Leveling touch ash, Mi Feng, large hoisting, splicing components, corrosion, fire, and the thermal insulation of human heavy and complicated construction and high-altitude operations, saving, rapid and environmentally friendly construction of high-quality housing. Its characteristics are: the whole assembly, more than two-layer steel mesh architecture and use its light weight, high strength, shape, location, bear the load of construction performance, the overall completion of concrete pouring unit, integration, complete building structure, maintenance, insulation, pipeline projects , and three-dimensional composite complete the housing construction and

Construction Welded Mesh Features:
Construction welded wire mesh panels on both sides of steel wire rack using concrete and mortar shop, after the formation of overall well plates, cement mortar can withstand pressure, to withstand tensile steel wire mesh, helical wire to withstand lateral shear in the middle of the polystyrene foam wiping Plastic not only to reduce weight and also enhance the insulation effect. Thus, the composite sheet material can be effectively used on each floor of my properties, has a good overall performance.

Product Structure: Building welded wire mesh steel wire frame plate both sides of using concrete and mortar (later can be used as self-Regardless of the role of re-6 wall or load-bearing walls. Tests showed that a high-3000mm, thickness 113mm test wall panels, when the destruction of axial compression load achieve 560KN/m2, when the load for the eccentric load when the destruction reached 375KN/m2. Shule steel wire frame plate accompanied by lower side bars to work lower berth using concrete and mortar (the upper C15 beans Stone Concrete can also be used), the can be used as housing panel to use, tests showed that a span of 2300mm, polystyrene thickness 50mm, tension zone reprovision 150 steel, up and down the wiping 30mm thick cement mortar of housing estate boards, building steel wire welded wire mesh frame sandwich lightweight cement board has a high bearing capacity.

Construction characteristics of steel welded wire mesh wire mesh span>

With the development of technology, building gradually from a purely manual to industrial production forward. Using industrial production in recent years to strengthen the steel welding network to replace the traditional manual banding plate steel, welded steel engineering to enhance their use. 

The traditional construction technique as follows: artificial arrangement of steel, artificial banding. This is consuming a lot of manual, due to the uncertainty of people, there will be such as misplaced steel model, steel spacing wrong, banding is not tight, less tied to drain tied to each other, In addition, as the need to stand on the steel banding, often occur reinforcement to be trampled tied at a bad situation. Extent that they may affect the quality of the building. In addition, as people's own conditions, subject to physical, weather (eg rain) affect, is unable to continue the construction. 

Construction steel welded wire mesh wire mesh appearance, then good for more than compensate for the shortcomings of man-made, steel net with industrial production methods, greatly improves production efficiency, saving a great deal of manual

Concrete Welded Wire Mesh Concrete Welded Wire Mesh

Concrete Welded Wire Mesh No.1

Concrete Welded Wire Mesh  No.2

Concrete Welded Wire Mesh Concrete Welded Wire Mesh

Concrete Welded Wire Mesh  No3

Concrete Welded Wire Mesh No4

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